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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is news. after scoring victory in regional elections catalonia fugitive independence make some. says the time has come for dialogue with the spanish government with preconditions but spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is playing
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hardball he says he'll meets the leader of the biggest and that's not to push them on also coming up. human rights watch accuses russia and syria of civilians in strikes on rebel held on claims to get the latest from there who's been in touch with civilians who are trapped there. an alternative to the olympics up to being banned from the winter games for systematic doping russia says it will stage its own sports extravaganza. and in spain the festive season is all about children singing songs that bring videos of euros. of the five to one is here again the world's biggest paying lottery has brought celebrations and cash to the streets of spain. in world markets down as much as twenty one percent on friday the fourth day of a global sell off but many are still clinging to their faith in the cryptocurrency .
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money thank you for joining us spain's prime minister mariano rajoy says he is open to dialogue after yesterday's regional elections in catalonia which saw separatist spot is when a slim majority royce said he would talk with the new regional leaders as long as they didn't violate the country's constitution but he did not respond to calls for a meeting by colus pushed on the alstad independence leader is in self-imposed exile in brussels here's what the two men had to say. i'm sure i'm ready to meet prime minister oha in brussels or in a different place in the e.u. except spain for his reasons aren't ready to do that because it's time for catalonia for the spanish state and for europe to start a new political phase and this phase needs to be defined by a political solutions not by the but now all and delirious depression we've been
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seeing so far. and i know you're. going to have a new era by stone dialogue not confrontation of the beginning catalonia and a ton of cooperation and not imposition a time for plurality and not unilateral ism you know. the government of spain would like to offer all its cooperation and all its willingness for constructive open and realistic dialogue always within the rule of law. but. as i'll bring in data business the louis was in barcelona for us lisa horan rejecting a meeting with put them on their separatist leader offering dialogue does this mean the standoff will just continue. yes it does really if you listen to them closely so what's put them on to say the i'm happy to talk but i'm still in favor of independence on the other hand you've got the holy saying i'm also happy to talk but not to put him on he wants to talk to us the head of this year that honest
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party which came out first in these elections it doesn't sound that these two will be sitting at one negotiating table together in the near future so who gets to form a new government in this region. it's a very good question actually obviously the independents block came out first in the elections but it will be very complicated for them to come together and form a government and that's because the parties actually diverging on the one hand you've got the two main parties the r.c.n. put monsoons per catalonia party and they will have a leadership battle on the one hand you've got because one obviously who's in exile in belgium so he can take up the post unless he comes to spain as soon as he does that he will go to jail that was made very clear by the head of the spanish state on the other hand audio who care us the head of the other big coalition party possibly coalition party are c he's in jail at the moment and his number two was
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today also indicted for rebellion and sedition as the other former government members so you have really a problem here you don't know who to put they don't know you to put forward and on the other hand they have a problem with a minor party line a coalition party say u.p.a. which has won four seats in the new parliament and that party has said we will only join you if you clearly go for independence now the larger parties are saying we are pro independence but they haven't said they would impose it right away so there is a struggle going on here. mariano rajoy calling this election and then his party the conservatives registering their worst result yet has a selection weekend him. absolutely and not only and catalonia where he's won about three three seats actually his party to a popular that people's party and that was down from eleven seats in two thousand and fifteen but sudan us has come first that party which is quite new was founded
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in two thousand and five is now becoming a serious competition for the people's party for marianna what a whole year there general elections looming in two thousand and nineteen and it will be a lot harder for money to win those elections now so far the e.u. has largely stayed out of this crisis is there any sign that brussels may now get involved and not really actually one member of the european parliament set today we will not get involved in this conflict this is an internal conflict in spain it doesn't concern the european union obviously the pro independence camp was hoping they were telling me yesterday again last night we will we want the e.u. to intervene so that everybody can come to the negotiating table and find a solution to this crisis right looks like this is not going to happen in the near future he said lewis joining us from barcelona thank you so have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s.
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president donald trump has signed a one point five trillion dollar tax of a hole into law the legislation was adopted by congress two days ago in a major political victory for the republicans it provides big tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest americans of all with smaller reductions or for those on low incomes if you will. french president emanuel mccall has held talks with his palestinian counterpart mahmoud abbas the pair met at the ne se palace in paris to discuss the u.s. move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the meeting comes after the united nations voted to reject donald trump's decision. in gaza there's been fresh violence in response to trump's me gas off origin said two palestinians were killed friday in clashes with israeli forces along the gaza border that brings the total number of palestinians killed to ten with dozens more wounded in the violence and.
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cuba has postponed the historic transfer of its presidency role castro confirmed that he will stay on until april to once longer than planned due to the damage caused by hurricane castro and his late older brother fidel have ruled the country for nearly sixty years. british foreign minister boris johnson has confronted his russian counterpart over the annexation of ukraine and russian cyber hacking johnson clashed with the gay lover of a joint news conference with love of saying relations between the two countries had reached a low point visit to russia as a first by a british foreign secretary in more than five years human rights watch says syria and russian forces have stepped up their airstrikes on eastern ghouta near damascus the area is one of the last strongholds of rebels fighting the troops of president bashar al assad the rights groups released these pictures showing the attacks it says have killed dozens of civilians it says government forces have been
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tightening the a siege of the enclave and are blocking evacuations and restricting humanitarian aid the population is a tryst of starvation with bringing supplies of food and medicine. bring in human rights watch researcher. has been talking to locals in eastern guta and she now joins us from there thank you so how would you describe the humanitarian situation there. the humanitarian situation in eastern although is catastrophic the area has been under siege since twenty three thousand and now we're talking about close to half a million civilians innocent people who are triscuit starvation and dying because of the lack of medical supplies and refusal of medical evacuations and how much food and water is left there. there's not much the reports that we have been receiving from the ground is that there's barely any any food and that medical
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supplies are dwindling we're talking about children who are dying from medicines that are available ten kilometers away at the regular the muskies pharmacy that they can't get to because of the siege sara the u.n. has put together an evacuation list of civilians but an evacuation hasn't happened yet why is that. so they want to cite administrative and security that is but there's also the fact that the syrian government has refused to evacuate these medical cases despite the fact that there is a plan and case and this has meant that around twelve twelve people have actually died since the plan has been put in place simply because they're waiting for these people to give them permission to it's now apparent that process forces have tightened the siege since october why is that so there are a couple of reasons. the closure of the smuggling tunnels in early february to april of twenty seventeen which were which were used to to provide aid and also
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smuggle out urgent cases but they've also closed across and called off the deem crossing which is the only commercial which is the only commercial crossing point into eastern walter. and this is in addition to the fact that they rarely give give permission to you and convoys to enter and when they do their partial permissions whereby they are moved life saving medical supplies and a lot of other material as well so sara given what you're describing would you compare the situation to aleppo just before it fell. i mean what we're seeing in eastern will today now with the intensification of the of the airstrikes and the offensive as well as the tightening of the siege this could very well be another a little in the making our hope is that it isn't. but it does seem to be heading in that direction now peace talks between the warring parties continuing to study because it said this is the eighth round what likelihood is that that the situation
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will now change. we are hoping that the talks come up with with with the plan and actually push the syrian and get their actions to push the syrian government to allow humanitarian aid and access and this is particularly vital given that little is actually an area under one of the escalation area under this agreement which means that which means that there should be humanitarian access there should be suspicion of hostilities but even where there isn't civilians shouldn't be dying because of this and humanitarian access should be at all sarah k. eileen thank you. the big kind losing streak is in its fourth day ben what's going on there sure is listen to this it was nearing twenty thousand u.s. dollars just on sunday and is now plummeted below twelve thousand it's heading for its worst week since twenty thirteen financial experts in singapore don't like what they see the island state's highest fiscal authority is warning investors to stay
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away from bitcoin not everyone is listening. it's almost a minor affront just one street away from singapore's financial story t. an opponent of digital money a cafe has opened where customers pay with crypto currency. we just want to make sure that people understand that crypto currency to stay i don't think it is a question the way technology develops and goals right now is no doubt about that development record. and the governments maybe have a little bit of an issue to to to follow through so far there haven't been any problems in the café people there don't just pay for drinks and snacks with bitcoin they can also use the cafes own currency known as the dukakis it's also the name of the cafe. still experts warn that crypto currency is
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a very volatile bitcoin for example lost a quarter of its value now only worth around fifteen thousand dollars it's a problem for investors experts see the trend soon coming to an end the second one will be when we don't know more progress with connecting it with the retail world so if you can't speak cryptocurrency use or if you can't redeem them for cash if you can't get real back as cash. people are going to lose interest and when that happens the heat will come out of the market and people will move on to do other things that we will see that crush them. but the owners of cafe dukakis i'm not so sure about that quite the contrary they soon want to expand cafes hotels and travel agencies where you can only pay with digital money. the brazilian government says it had block boeing from taking over control of embryo the brazilian owned plane
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maker is in talks with its bigger american rival the news igniting shares of embryo if the acquisition more to go through it would help boeing expand its reach into the heavily competitive market for small regional jets. bigger is not always better for the world's largest aerospace company boeing has confirmed it is in talks to buy a brazilian company specializing in smaller jets. according to media reports boeing is hoping to acquire a controlling stake. the deal with both companies to cut costs in their supply chain and would help expand its foothold in the small to midsize regional jet market aircraft makers from canada china russia and japan are competing in this growing market segment. and boeing is also facing pressure from world number two air bus in october airbus announced a joint venture with bumblebee to expand its regional jet production but boeing is already facing a headwind both at home and abroad and the deal would see boeing move some of its
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production outside the u.s. and that could run afoul of u.s. regulators and unions and the brazilian government would have to green light any sale of embraer. something the country's president michel to me has said he will not support. a south korean court has convicted the ninety five year old founder of conglomerate and his son on corruption charges the court sentence found that should. four years in prison but he will avoid jail due to his age is sam was handed a twenty month suspended sentence and legibly abated a total of seventy six million dollars in taxes and embezzled forty six million dollars of company funds lot is one of south korea's largest conglomerates its businesses include chemicals food retail and attempts. obvious to come including financial jitters over catalonia it thank you very much ben well russia's sports minister says the country will host an alternative competition following its banned
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from february's winter olympics in south korea that suspension came after the international olympic committee found evidence of a quote unprecedented systematic manipulation of the anti doping system. in less than fifty days around two and a half thousand athletes would descend on pyong chang for the twenty eighteen winter olympics the question is how many russians will be here among them earlier this month i.o.c. president thomas bach announced a ban on russia because of state sponsored doping. this launch now appearing some more cram it sure russian athletes will be allowed to compete in pyongyang under a neutral flag if they can prove they're clean but with some russians calling for a boycott the country wants to stage an alternative games for those choosing to stay behind. it will hold a number of competitions for athletes and we're working on it now the competitions will also be an opportunity to invite foreign after. the last winter games in sochi
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in twenty fourteen were meant to be a display of russian sporting prowess they've since turned into a russian nightmare. evidence from gregory wrote a chunk of the former head of russia's anti doping lab revealed cheating on an unprecedented scale this year an i.o.c. investigation finally confirmed that evidence to be credible. the year has been an intense war a hard war. believe we've never had a harder year for both soviet and russian support. but still russia and its president vladimir putin continue to deny state involvement until that changes the country may find itself left out in the cold a pariah of international sport. a young south african is vying to become the first black alpine skier to represent his country at the olympics as a teenager civil spielman was invited by the international olympic committee to
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compete at the twenty fourteen sochi games but south africa declined to send him saying he didn't need the required stunned now he hopes to make the cut for the winter games in february in south korea. whoa. missing out on sochi hasn't stopped him for seven spielman the very novelty of participating in alpine sports in south africa spurs him on to keep going for gold you know slow. unschooling of the great thing is. that the dream motor is another thing that motivates the twenty two year old inspiring local kids to also get involved in a sport they wouldn't normally have on their radar. think i'm a good role model to the kids because being at the youth olympics and qualifying for a fortune turning forty so like a difference. within the community where we live there's more children wanting to
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grow in the sport and through the development program the kids are in his wallet. i decision on his participation in pyongyang twenty eighteen is likely to be made in january but after missing out on the sochi games civa spielman is more determined than ever. that's no focus on a photographer who many would say has of a come on impossible to survive she is blind the name is sylvia she works as a preschool teacher here in berlin and she's developed a unique approach to the skill of making pictures. zaheer khan is blind she can see colors outlined or even light. but she can recognize them by using her other senses. and that is how she chooses her subjects.
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but i don't overextend just a moment when i'm alone i take pictures according to the sounds the smell or the mood of the setting. for example and now i can feel the pavement that's a little different take pictures of that. or that bird just now i want to capture it in my photographs. the thing. as a child it was really a concord still see and she used to photograph and paint a lot but that changed when at the age of twelve she lost her eyesight in a car accident it wasn't until she was in her forty's that a professional photographer encouraged her to start again by exploring the world in her own way. out of america. and that's when i realized wow this opens up a dialogue between the sighted and the blight on it was so interesting that i decided to continue i've been taking pictures ever since. her husband often helps by telling her what the things she touches and hears look like.
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pictures capture everyday objects in a new light. she can also discern color using a special sensing device for blind people. are you feel it squeaks like that so it's lighter. working with light is a special challenge. well i'm not pushing a lump and none. of this really used different types of plants for that i was the model and tried to feel the light on my skin and. you can play a lot with the light and shadow and i wanted to find out how to do that in a controlled way but it's quite difficult as a blind person. cilia khan can't see the pictures she has taken for
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that she needs the help of a sighted person. and his gray here and white here and then it narrows all the way down to here you. make of it it depends on how the person describes it my husband has known me for so long that he knows exactly what to say so that i can picture it myself then it's almost like seeing it with my own eyes but there's no question about who decides whether a picture should be exhibited. well it's me. she does there her pictures. sometimes she try to nudge me in a certain direction but it mostly doesn't work. the result is a window into the con's view of the world. fascinating story well it's christmas just around the corner sun toes are in peak demand they play to the toughest of audiences namely kids and they'd better be ready for the unexpected one
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all school instructor wants to make sure the schools meets the highest standards authority record so i want to welcome you well ladies and gentlemen or you'll be doing a workshop on how to be santa claus today the first rule is discover your center. is a first time center and perhaps it's not as easy for him as others to impersonate the festive figure but the course instructor here in a local town hall takes his yuletide mission quite seriously. it's beards like this one here are all full of people run around the slings and call themselves santas and they have no idea what it's all about. that's pretty good i think we need to head outside for a practice your bite with both of you. give each other
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a bit of room or maybe everyone will keep an eye on you and be the referee said and maybe give you a few tips about what you can do better. how is it. good is a lot of fun. i do. know. but the first trial run isn't all smooth sailing. look do you want some. old. look here i'm no i'm not i won't hurt you. there you are. not going to have a christmas. and it. was good fun for me do you have a blonde drawl with long hair now you've learned how learned how to love and a car as a christmas present. no outburst but i want to barbie car for
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christmas one barbie to try my new wait a second i know if a blonde girl in the christmas albums told me about her beauty vinyl. can you bring me one of those ones wanting to i'm sure i can. do days later. his first proper appearance it's december sixth and he's clad. technically it's st nicholas day. but no one's being too picky certainly not at a local car dealership this is opening night so to speak. once your name you. should be trying to find them. the pressure is on if the children were good this year tradition dictates that their boots will be filled with goodies. he wants. and then the next kids have
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arrived it's a chance for oliva to work on his holiday chops. but he is well aware that his outing at the car dealership is just a warm up for the main event christmas eve. how do you feel about working on christmas eve. christmas eve well you need to have a feeling for what makes it so special and you really have to enjoy being santa claus i really like. looking around and seeing all the houses lit up it's impressive and every year i just can't get enough of it. because this richer more. true. so while others are lounging around their trees here in germany will be celebrating his premier from one christmas celebration to the next merry christmas . you're watching still to come it's the festive season in spain it's all about children singing songs that bring billions of euros in cash.
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the facts when a skerrick and the world's biggest pain lottery. model singer and former first lady of france. have many talents now she's turning fifty. french toughs. in just twenty minutes stay with. stores close in the sun. and be god's house of music this time with vocal sensation. and. serene.
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and so. is inevitable. you know would you be serious uploaded night. absolutely. the five minutes. images from an isolated country images from the north korea. any tell you so target for countries fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. the north korean diary starting december twentieth on t.w.a. . check in. to fasten your seat belts so. we go. look at this.
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chick in. the travel guide to dublin. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing no one far meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. people would be farming magazine. long d.w. . welcome back you with news stories comes along as pro independents push them on has scored a victory in regional elections now he wants talks with madrid without preconditions but spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is playing hardball he says
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kill me to believe the biggest and that small puts them on. whenever a all madrid face bus alone it's a clash that brings with fun. it's called tensions and never more than on saturday when the two spanish powerhouses meet in el classico just two days after the elections and cuts alone a whole region it's hard to imagine that if cuts alone you know wins independence boss alone i might be forced out of the league bringing classico to an end but for now all eyes will be on the pitch where rael will be hungry for a win. the pressure is on for around madrid sitting fourth in the league table and eleven points behind their arch rivals barcelona albeit with the game in hand the current league champions need victory but the madrid boss is playing down the importance of the tight. it's going to be the hardest game of the season barcelona against rit are beautiful but difficult. it's not a decisive game in the race for the only despite the points gap it's not the time
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to be thinking about that. zip down has practically a full squad to choose from with the club's all time record goalscorer cristiano ronaldo back to full fitness he's likely to join karim benzema and striker gareth bale in madrid attacking frontline. in defense rough they overran returns from injury and captain said he says in the squad again following suspension. over in barcelona the league leaders are feeling confident the mighty messi and luis watt if they're hiring home goals this season mr valverde has left both attackers yard. out despite overcoming their injuries the bar so expect a tough encounter in the spanish capital. game isn't just any game it's very important we want to play well and our aim is to win. we know how difficult it
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will be afraid that a woman in madrid is a very powerful team playing at home like that. and i was hoping that i mean like if it was. a victory for barcelona would cement their start and since favorites to win the league this season. from all i'm now joined by public from. thanks for being with us so popular let's begin with the football bustle on the seem to be having a great season can we expect them to win this clash you're absolutely right they're having a fantastic season they have their undefeated going into this clash against around madrid they've only dropped six points so far this season and. we like we've seen in the reports we've got you know big players like you know messi we sweat if an absolute flying form having obsolete you know problems scoring goals and also a big thing about barcelona was they tightened their defense so they're also not only are they scoring a lot of goals they're also practically impossible to score goals against so it's going to be a great great clash and they do have a couple of missing players. like once again as mentioned in the report you know
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he's just back from injury and he joined the club over the summer but once again i think they're going into this clash in a very confident confident place realm adrift on the other hand of not having a very good season what do they need to succeed well the whole thing is all start by saying playing at the side of a bit of a zero in madrid is always a very difficult difficult thing for any game any big team even barcelona if there are travelling to madrid because it's like a coliseum there's an incredibly hot atmosphere there but saying that they're sitting fourth in the league at this season they're suffering from many injury worries over the course of the season and that's why they've been there. they weren't scoring goals as well at the start of the season things are beginning to improve for them christiane or an elder was also out he was key and he's a key player in real madrid he was missing for five games because a suspension was an incident that took place early on in the season and what they needed to do as well was they needed to tighten their back line and because of old these issues they ended up slipping up against teams like i think against atletico
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madrid and that's why they're at eleven points off barcelona at the top of the table but they do have a game and. the current political crisis is catalonia and it's hard to ignore will this be the viands of fans and the players well certainly i mean the we've seen even. the for example if mr wilder that's the barcelona coach he was didn't they don't really want to delve into deep into the issue and they they would really want to wear you know they want to avoid all the politics but you can't avoid it at the moment considering what we're seeing in spain at the moment and everybody is talking about this so let's just focus on this four thousand people in spain are saying. that's what everyone is getting excited about. this will focus on the sport thank you for being with us well the latest news about cuts alone is also hitting financial markets and has the details i'd much rather focus on the sport as well the death of a spanish stocks of slipped on the results from bosler the country's next feeling by about one of the hospice in today of the separatist parties won
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a slim majority in regional elections most affected banks like the dead which have significant exposure to catalonia both land has moved their headquarters out of the region following october's independence vote banking group sometime dale was another loser spanish stocks had outperformed their counterparts across europe before the referendum. let's bring in our financial correspondent in frankfurt and then to buy stock to get the reaction from there why isn't the market reaction more intense. because we don't really know what's going to happen mr hoyer the prime minister of spain is saying now we talks need to start to be fair those talks like three months ago haven't given any outcome and that's why we have those elections in a way one cannot can argue that at the same mistake as cameron the u.k. and other politicians in the euro zone when they were asking the people to solve
7:37 pm
their problems bottom line is that we have political risk back on the agenda but most likely nobody really wants to go into that risk knowledge to stay a day before christmas and we know how messy it's go with briggs but the u.k. is a huge economy although it is an important economy for spain why do investors really care about it. well actually catalonia makes up one fifth of the spanish economic power it was and is still the powerhouse somehow off spade and investors actually care because that whole fragmentation process of the the the risk of fragmentation could actually set a president for president for other regions there are other regions in the euro zone which also want to be more independent perhaps also separate from the their home country and that's a stretch that's a tendency of course the european union does not support because it would mean for
7:38 pm
the fragmentation investors are always wary about the political stability of the euro zone because many investors a buffle from the anglo-saxon word don't really understand the political concept of that european union and see it inherently unstable and that's why there's a big risk in such a movement. ok in the device but on the dollar concerns over catalonia thank you very much one month after the ouster of longtime president robert mugabe it's a bubbly needs to find a new direction the economy has been in a tailspin for almost twenty years the new president is trying to change course including righting the wrongs of his predecessor. down the dusty road rob smart is on the way to a special homecoming the seventy one year old farmer and his sons are back at les berry a state dozens of friends and workers are overjoyed to have them back six months after smart was
7:39 pm
a victim from his land at gunpoint when his farm was seized by the mugabe regime and given to a top cleric with ties to the dictator of a joy to be over the moon we thought we would never see this day coming getting back to the farm is given not just us but the whole community hope that it's a new zimbabwe your country the new sim bob where they hope will move away from two decades of cronyism that have hurt the country deeply starting in two thousand president mugabe began evicting white farmers from their land and giving farms away to loyalists they didn't know how to farm within years sim bob went from being africa's bread basket to being one of the poorest nations on the continent with farmers reclaiming their land people are hoping for jobs to come back and for a prosperous future. no. only. because the community was gaining the flu mist might. sue i'd like to
7:40 pm
see. goodness if it's a joy. what actually happened however is one single farmer coming back other smite not be so lucky according to the new president. let me assure. the members. was that. he was this. kid you know. all this if one got was sticks to this policy and leaves the country is farms in the hands of mugabe's old friends it is unclear how the country will move forward the new government is promising free elections and democracy but it will also need a functioning economy. meat production is not keeping up with demand in africa many countries rely on imports but nigeria is bucking the trend with gigantic new funds like this next one the only warning from experts not to repeat the mistakes
7:41 pm
of the west. young for the shots checked out. their eggs are the basis of one of the largest agribusiness projects in nigeria's history starting this month one point six million chicks will be sold here per week. the international food company invested more than one hundred million euros in this project in the middle of the savanna. next to the chicken farm the company wants to produce animal feed. several thousand tons are waiting in storage facilities to be sold the company has promised to source almost all the ingredients regionally. and off the validity of corn enough. so mia rekindle. micronutrients like. nobody's producing here. must from the source it from there are. many of the things that never leave. the company doesn't want to
7:42 pm
compete with local meat producers according to the management the idea is to supply local farmers with feed and newborn chicks and this will indirectly create jobs in rural nigeria according to the optimistic prognosis. after the initial skepticism of the company by the residents here it seems that most of them in the region are excited about the business model. i believe it's going to stimulate consumption in the region i'm a butcher myself and it's a big advantage for me for now i think. when it's in our new come afraid that if they buy up our whole harvest there won't be enough food left over for us. and that's. what i think it's a good thing we won't have to import any more chicken meat it will be exporting it ourselves but if you. nigeria is in the middle of an economic crisis for decades
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the country was dependent on its oil exports and a large part of the income was channeled into the pockets of a corrupt elite many nigerians see industrial farming as a new job. but environmental protection is to keep out a good is warning not to repeat the mistakes of the past when it comes to mass livestock farming next to the ethical questions there are also practical problems you still have the issues of. critical physicist like big few who've had doubts currently recording in one of course. one of the strategies that we have in please see the fence the oblique the company claims that the animals wellbeing is the highest priority and that's why there are such strict hygenic regulations and an international team of experts and the newly built farm is also advantageous for consumer health the majority of chicken meat used to be imported illegally by passing any health inspections. and we stay in nigeria yes we do and there's
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a very interesting story about a lawmaker who has raised eyebrows for showing off his lavish lifestyle in a rap video the senate said they know men lie is well known in nigeria for his extravagance but he represents an area that has a poor record. of paying it civil servants on time so the senator's love of the high life is coming under criticism online and leads show from the social media is here with the details is a politician and a rap star what's going on here this game has been very busy. is very busy indeed edith and he just appeared in this rap video also this guy's name is he is a politician who loves the limelight and you see in this red video ok he is not wrapping himself but at least he is kind of dancing in the background i'm just going to show you snipped here watch the guy in the white t. shirt coming out of the car that's our man.
7:45 pm
and it's something to do you know that's the name of course that's nigerian senator and the whole song really celebrate this man's lifestyle you know the my me is the women and the houses of the card and it's just the politician him self likes to flaunt his wealth online he has a large following on social media if you look at his instagram account he poses in front of his cars he recently told and i dear a newspaper that buying expensive cars is one of his hobbies so he shows them off of course on a line and you might wonder where is he getting all that money from we have to say that nigerian lawmakers are among the best paid in the world. he has never been associated really with corruption either say that he doesn't have any business says so what many are wondering where does he get all this extra money from but what he
7:46 pm
says on his instagram account and also on his other social media accounts is that he's a man who has been blessed by god he's a christian is very open about it so he says the blessings that he has of those are the ones that he's showing off got his lesson that is why he has all these riches blessings or not i'm just sitting here shaking my head like what is this so how in nigeria and syria. well the country is pretty much divided over this so you have those that are saying this is not the kind of behavior that we want to see it from our elected leaders they are scolding do you know on the lyall let's just run through a couple of there we have a t.v. producer i do all i she says nigerian senator do you know my lai appearing in a rap video titled do you know celebrating his wealth while many nigerians are owed several salaries. and says normalise appearance in that music video seems like a middle finger to nigerians they don't even get the irony or are we being hyper
7:47 pm
sensitive but then we're also seeing others who are just trying this whole thing off for example we have said terrorists and author nathan john he says for all his shamelessness is actually the average nigerian politician nothing special or sends nigeria it's always the most shameless who remain on top and others think ok maybe we shouldn't be so biased if obama had made a cameo appearance in a hip hop video you people who would have held him as the coolest president ever and now we asked our colleagues edith at the house a department whether they think that this will affect you know the political kariya they don't think so they don't think that it will have any effect those who love him well continue loving him anyway regardless of what to be seen in please show always bringing us interesting chata from the entire webs thank you. it's a festive season and in spain that means children singing songs that bring billions
7:48 pm
of euros in cash el gordo the world's biggest being the lottery is here again celebrations broke out across the country after the fact one was announced in the traditional fashion by schoolchildren in madrid singing the winning number which carries a cash prize or four million euros but instead of putting the entire prize into one winning ticket el gordo shares the wealth by having many smaller prizes. in total two point four billion euros will be paid out so it's no wonder that practically the whole country has a flutter. the numbers of every winning ticket a song up each year it's the world's biggest lottery held at madrid's beyond the sum total prize payout is more than two billion euros many spaniards believe that being present at the drawing improves their chances of winning so. hello merry christmas we came here tonight all the way from anybody you know going
7:49 pm
three generations in here though. i'm sure. you find when i'll quit working he was but again if you do any kind of fun when you leave here really slowly. so that people won't notice and you know maybe i did you know about that even if. all you mean is twenty euros to play and spaniards are crazy for the lottery in madrid alone more than three times as many tickets have been sold as the right residents everyone dreams of winning big gordo the four million euro top prize this is the day when supposedly loses can become one and two years ago for example el gordo went to a region suffering from s. unemployment and the second prize more than a million euros went to a betting syndicate in an old people's home and the spanish state always wins big as it writes in up to two hundred million euros in taxes.
7:50 pm
she's a woman of many talents but perhaps the biggest talent is keeping people on their toes. i am. in now. that he has gone from heiress to supermodel to singer songwriter to first lady of france and now she's back to music through many a stunning fifty years old tomorrow and she's still surprising keep. this is the. song enjoy the finest. french touch. well david leavitt's from our culture desk is here for more on this committee on and living outside of thinking french toast every time i talk about how this is the time for breakfast. so i'll settle for kind of bernie's best known as you know the glamorous
7:51 pm
wife of francis from the present. but what about at home what she's such a chameleon as you said she's had so many different incarnations that it's hard to put her in a box and her career has really been one surprise after another the big surprise of course at the beginning was that this waddle who'd been seen on the arms of eric clapton and then mick jagger turned out to be actually a very talented singer songwriter and she's very no one saw that coming she made a reputation for herself as this left wing artist who told the media that she didn't believe in monogamy she was about free love so who would have seen her marrying the conservative president of france people managed to wrap their minds around that and then the surprise after that was that she still stayed with him after he got voted out of office no one saw that coming near their husband as if i didn't mention is now out of the spotlight but she's back to being a musician she is she's better she's back in the spotlight i want to talk to you
7:52 pm
more about her new album in just a little bit first though i'd like to take a look back at her incredible career carla bruni turning fifty years old this weekend. italian born carla bruni began modeling in the ninety's and soon became one of the highest paid women in the industry alongside such names as naomi campbell and claudia schiffer but bruni is more than a pretty face she gave up modeling to focus on another challenge of hers music in two thousand and two she kicked of her career as a singer songwriter with. her debut album sold over a million copies worldwide. bruni grew up in a musical family and says music has always been her passion. makes me happy. explains things to me and it's it's
7:53 pm
a great deal of things at the same time that really. it gives a meaning to my life and two thousand and seven bruni met then french president nicolas sarkozy at a dinner party just a few months later the couple tied the knot making bruni first lady of france for the next four years. besides attending state dinners bruni became an ambassador for an international aids charity and founded her own charity to support universal access to education. but behind the scenes bruni kept writing music and then two thousand and eleven she made her acting debut as a tour guide and mcknight and paris life. is she wasn't in for his look at me was not there was that his mistress yes. yes rose was the one i was ever married to wrote yes he did and i rose in the last year of their lives. are you arguing with
7:54 pm
the guy as i. answer to you. now celebrating her fiftieth birthday brownies touring europe and north america with her new album french touch. cover bruni a woman who never tires of reinventing herself. by the way it was her cover of the rolling stones miss you from her new album french touch she sounds really good so let's talk about the music the new album is basically a cover album and the band's just covering let's go through them depeche mode if you read willie nelson and the rolling stones this is pretty diverse as any sort of rhyme or reason to why she put these songs i think the rolling stones was kind of
7:55 pm
a natural choice because she had an affair with mick jagger but beyond that no i think that basically the message is that carla bruni is a woman who does what she wants to do and she sings the songs that she wants to sing like that and you know that was the selection process i think she just picked songs she wanted to sing and it is very diverse you've got songs that are crooner songs you've got songs that are originally hard rock now what she's done this is but them all together with a very light jazzy poppy air her husky signature voice on all the tracks we've got a clip of her tour she's on tour now and europe and soon in north america let's take a look at that. winner takes. ok we don't have time for anything else. to come back to see thank you well the pope. happy birthday to carla bruni always going to have.
7:56 pm
the critics are very divided on this album she's a polarizing figure some people say elevator music others have said nothing wrong others have said it is a unique and tasteful mixture of. her own french songs that she wrote at the beginning of her career i thought they were beautiful i would love to see her go back to that. is a fascinating person ok. so we have time for thank you for watching. the end.
7:57 pm
screens up close. and the girls house of music right this time with vocals. and rock poet kinds wouldn't considering the it's
7:58 pm
a nice down joke is inevitable. the. only. serious up lonely night sleep. is to. its own kind of winning coach of pretty. sure link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and welcome to news african program tonight from funny to me from the news of these eats and why i would say d. debit it comes to africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there even. now with that our innovations magazine for in asia the
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us from the fabric week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. they live to surf much. danger lurks in the water we were there for you alone surfing waste and and polluted water not only being the witness but the time being the victims i mean with you troubles all gastric troubles full basically this a sort of allays moment in backupify there's no pill i was on a shelf. is only decent it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more probably shoot times the sun gives me everything. the waves the wind might have to give something back to my friend of mine miss him too many of the others. point when the
8:00 pm
surfers fighting against unseen pollution soon started january seventh on to double . business do you have any news coming to you live from berlin syria's power brokers say they'll hold peace talks in sochi next month russia iran and turkey agreed to move at talks in the casa capital us dhamma this as human rights watch accuses russia and syria of targeting civilians and the arabs.


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